Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey VS Lock Replacement

Many people may not be aware that lock rekeying is a safe viable option. When you have a lock re-keyed, it is a process where the pins in the lock cylinder are adjusted, disabling old keys and not allowing them access. This is a more affordable option than replacing your old locks, especially when the lock is in good, working condition.

If however the lock has seen better days, and is just not functioning properly, you will need to replace the locks. Our locksmiths can check out your locks for you and advise you on the best course of action.

Lock Re-Key Service for your Home or Office in London Ontario

You can get your house doors re-keyed so that you have one main key for all of your doors; our locksmith can adjust the pins in the locks to all fit the same key. This makes it simpler than to have to keep up with all the different keys. Our locksmith can easily make copies for you to give to your family members so that everyone can have easy access.

This process can be done in your office as well, allowing you to make one main key for all the office doors. You may find this very convenient when it comes to giving access to maintenance workers etc.

When to Have Locks Rekeyed:

Having a lock rekeyed may seem unnecessary if all of your locks are functioning properly, and that may be the case for you at this time. However, there are several scenarios in which having a lock rekeyed is the simplest and cheapest solution for keeping your home or car safe.

  • After a move– When you move into a home that has been lived in previously, it is almost always recommended to have the locks around your house rekeyed. Oftentimes, friends, relatives and neighbors of the previous owners will have spare keys to the home, as well as the previous owners themselves. One of the first steps to securing your home is to limit the number of people that have access to your locks and security system. This starts with making sure no strangers have keys to your doors.
  • After a break-in– In the event of a break-in, having the locks rekeyed is a good idea, especially if the intruder may have made entry using a key, or if any of the locks the home were damaged. If you are unsure of how the intruder entered your home, having locks rekeyed is still a cheap way to enhance security and can put you more at ease. While having locks rekeyed, you may also want to have security enhanced with deadbolts, alarm systems, or security cameras.
  • Once locks are no longer functioning optimally– If your home or car is very old, the keys and locks will have worn out over time. Older locks can become harder to open and old keys can completely stop working if they are dull enough. It’s a simple fix to have the locks rekeyed and start fresh.
  • In an emergency– If you’ve lost your car keys and there is no spare, one option is to have the locks to your car rekeyed. Oftentimes it is possible to make a key using your existing lock, but in the event that there is any damage to the lock or it does not function properly, the lock can easily be replaced on the spot.
  • When you’re ready for an upgrade– If you’ve been thinking that it’s time to increase security for your car or home, you may be interested in new lock types or high tech locks. Our professionals can make many recommendations on the systems that may be right for you including: coded locks, fingerprint scanning systems, remote control locks, and locks synced to smart phones.

Affordable Lock Rekey in London Ontario

Amazingly, a standard lock rekey is only $19! That price is more than worth it when you consider all the money you could be saving on potential losses by break-in or theft. This service along with all others that we provide is made affordable to you because of the way we structure our business. We are proud to offer affordable prices along with our great service.

How Our Expert Locksmiths in London Ontario Rekey Door Locks

Unless you are the first occupant of the property you live in then has it happened to you that you have lost your keys to the house and worried that a stranger could get in, or even wondered how many copies of the keys exist to the previous home occupants. Rekeying can get very expensive considering that most homes have multiple doors with multiple locks. The good news is that our locksmith experts can re-key a lock in the fraction of the cost of replacing your door locks.

  • To remove the knob, our locksmith will insert the wire tool into the knob hole to depress the knob clip and pull the knob off the door.
  • Next, we’ll push off retainer ring to pop off the cylinder. Our expert will set the ring aside so it can be replaced later.
  • We will then move the cylinder plug from the cylinder while the plug follower is held tight to the cylinder plug until it’s completely removed so the pins and springs don’t pop out of the cylinder.
  • We’ll match the colored pins to the color code and insert the pins to reassemble the lock. Our expert will match the new colored pins to the color code on the instruction sheet provided to you.

Though we all know the best security is smart security you can never be too safe. Sometimes having a professional locksmith do the job is faster and doesn’t cause you a headache trying to put it together on your own. At phoenix locksmith we get the job done right and quick for your convenience.

Give us a call today to have your locks rekeyed!

Reliable Lock Re-Key Service in London Ontario

When you call London Lock & Key, you can expect a fast response as our service providers located in a town near you. If you’re calling with an emergency, they can get there fast to help solve the problem. When you have a lock rekeyed, our locksmiths will show up with all necessary tools, disassemble your current locks and replace the cylinders. They can replace all the locks in your home in no time at all and give you spare keys to your new locks. Our locksmiths are also available for security assessments if you would like them to walk through your property with you to make recommendations on additional safety measures for your home.

    Lock Rekey

    I had lost my keys and since I live in a non gated areas I wanted to get my locks changed. I got quotes from several stores in the city and I could tell most places were charging me a ridiculous amount and advising me to change my locks completely. When I found London Lock & Key they not only gave me a fair quote, they also said I only needed to rekey my locks, not change them completely. They were quick, came at short notice and gave me a few extra keys. Very nice and professional.

    Chloe M.

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